Stories From Our Bodies

Schedule of Yoga Classes:

  • Wednesday, 9:45 am, LA Fitness, Marana

  • Monday, 11 am, LA Fitness, North


What is Stories From Our Bodies Yoga?

Yoga is a conversation between you and your body. It is the bringing together into a breathing whole all of the “voices” your body uses to communicate with you: breath, sweat, movement, pain, pleasure and dreams. As the fairy tales promised, someday your prince will come. When you fully embrace all parts of the yogic practice, your prince, princess, king and queen arrive. Get to know them and finally live in the world being all that you were meant to be.

Start first with writing down the postures you like best. Is savasna, final relaxation, difficult for you to release into? Are warrior poses your favorite. What about pigeon, the deep release from hips?

Where in your body do you feel pain? What are your arthritic fingers telling you? I am curled into myself; I cannot grasp the choices made. I hurt, I want to grasp, I want to feel and hold. How well do you digest? How well do you flow like the blood in your veins? How is it that you have forgotten the way your body leans into the sperm, lets it penetrate and pierce and divide and bring new life? What needs to be penetrated within you so it can bring new life?  What needs to be penetrated? What needs to be caressed and held? What part aches, and what part needs to be stretched and listened to?  What is the story your body is telling you?

Stories From Our Bodies offers an integrated program that unlooses from your body (using yoga postures, breath, imagery and sound), old stories and messages that block expression. It guides you to a deeper understanding of how to, all by yourself, clear out blockages in the body and open up to new ideas, healthier behaviors. A whole new story. In short, the program strengthens your voice and vision from the inside out enabling you to live new stories that:

  • Spring from energy centers in the body, and not from mass media images and messages;

  • Counter the relentless media barrage of images and messaging that places all importance on external appearance, and too often include female characters full of stridency, bitchiness and spite;

  • Draw inspiration from compassion not profit;

  • Stem from a guiding ethos of generativity, not domination and control;

  • Express your unique vision and wisdom.

The Tools We All Carry:

Stories From Our Bodies offers a comprehensive programs that fully engages yogic “tools” every female carries inside that can be used to nurture and encourage stronger voices. These include:

  • Movement

  • Sweat

  • Breath

  • Sound

  • Imagination

Begin with a Body-Voice Assessment, learn how to open and ignite energy centers in your body to fuel your own vision and voice. Your body is the alchemical container and you hold the keys to transform your body, your voice.

As long as people simply sit on their ‘tuchas’ and move their tongues around, they will never release their deepest level of trauma.
— Besel A. van der Kolk, M.D.


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Jacquelyn Jackson

Clinical Social Worker. Yoga Teacher, Writer